Liga Norte de Sornoa is an Class AA to the Mexican Leauge. This league that other names Northern Sonora League 2007 to 2011 and Liga Norte De Mexico - 2012. All teams are in Mexcio

2007      Aqua Prieta, Caborca, Empalme, Ensanda, Guaymas, Magdalena, Mexical, Tecate

2008      No teams enter or left the league.

2009      San Luis Rio Colorado enter the league and Tecate has left the league.

2010      Tijuana enter the league and Madgalena and Meicali has left the league.

2011      Puerto Penasco enter the league

2012      Nogales enter the league and Ensanada, Guaymas, Puerto Penasco, San Luis Rio Colorado and Tijuana has left the league

2013      Cananea and  Puerto Penasco enter the league.

2014      Hermosillo and Magdalena enter the League and Empalme and Nogales left the league

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