The League Alliance was the first semi-affiliated minor league baseball league. Proposed by Al Spalding on January 15, 1877 [1]. Independent baseball teams were to affiliate with National League teams, which would honor their respective contracts. The league only existed for one season, 1877, though another version was attempted in 1882.

1877 Edit

Teams that Played  -   Albany NY, Aubrun NY, Binghamton NYc Brooklyn NY, Brooklyn-Alaska NY, Chicago Il, Elizabeth NJ, Erie PA, Evansville In, Geneso NY, Hornellsville NY, Indianapolis In, Janesville Wi, Ludlow Ma, Memphis Tn, Minneapolis Mn, Milwaukee Wi Philadelpha PA, Philadelphia Athletics PA, Philadelphia Defiance PA, St Paul Mn, Springfield Ma, Syracuse NY, Troy NY, Wheeling WV, Winona Mn


Teams that played  -  New York , Philadelpiha PA

Both years, these leagues were Non-Signatory.

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