Lackawanna League was an independent league that was based in New Jersey.

1905     Dover, Morristown-Chatham, Orange, Phillipsburg, Stroudsburg (PA), Summit

1906     Chatham, Dover, Irvington, Morristown, Orange-Clifton, Summit

1907     Elizabeth and Westfield entered the league; Morristown and Orange-Clifton left the league.

1908     Madison and Millburn entered the league; Chatham, Elizabeth, Irvington and Westfield left the league.

1909 to 1913 unknown if played

1914     American, Chatham, Maplewood, Millburn, Newark-Forest Hills, Summit

1915 to 1924   unknown if played

1925     Chatham, Madison, Millburn, New Providence

1926     Chatham, Madison, Millburn, Morristown, New Providence, Springfield, Summit, Union

1927     Chatham, Madison, Morristown, New Providence, Prudential, Summitt

1928     Chatham, Hillside, Madison, Maplewood, Milburn, Springfield Township, Summtit

1929     Chatham, Madison, Maplewood, Milburn, New Providence, Summit

1930     No teams entered or left the league

1931     Morristown and Pompton Lakes entered the league; Maplewood and New Providence left the league.

1932     Caldwell, Chatham, Irving, Madison, Millburn, Summit

1933     Chatham, Madison, Midburn, Morris Plains, Morristown, Summit

1934     Chatham, Madison, Millburn, Morristown, Pompton Lakes, Summit

1935     Chatham, Dover, Madison, Millburn, Morristown, Summit

1936     Dover, Madison, Milburn, Morristown, South Orange, Summit

1937     Dover, Madison, Millburn, Summit

1938     Chatham, Madison, Millburn Summit

1939     Dover, Gladcock, Madison, Maplewood, Morristown, Summit

1940     Dover, Madison, Milburn, Summit

NOTE 1 - Bold means unknown location