Kingston City League was an Independent League that was based in Kingston, NY

1947 - Boulevard Gulf, Chez Emile, Frank's Sport, Hofbrau, K of C, Jones Dairy, Morgan's Rest, Seven-up, Stauble's Bakery, West Shore

1948 - Wiltwyck Motors enter the League and Hofbrau, K of C, and Seven-Up has left the league

1949 - Merchants enter the league and West Shore League has left the League

1950 - Bowlodrome and Old Capitals has enter the league and Frank's Sport and Stauble's Bakery has left the league

1951 - Morgan's Rest has left the league

1952 - Bowlodrome and Old Capitals has left the league.

1953 - Doblers and Indians has enter the league and Boulevard Gulf and Chez Emile has left the league.

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