Iowa State League was a Class D League from 1905-1906. in 1907 the league change is name to Central Association, a Class D League and before the Iowa State League started, it was called Iowa State Association,1904, a Class D League.

Iowa State league was an Independent League that played in 1895, 1911-1912 and 1950-1955

1895   Burlignton IA, Cedar Rapids IA, Dubuque Ia, Ottumwa IA

1904   Boone IA, Burlington IA, Ft Dodge IA, Keokuk IA, Marshalltown IA, Oskaloosa IA, Ottumwa IA, and Waterloo IA.

1905   No teams entered the league or left the league.

1906   Boone, IA move to Clinton, IA during the season

1907  Jacksonville, IL and Quincy, IL entered the league; Clinton and Ft Dodge left the league.

1911  Unknown

1912  Clear Lake IA, Emmestburg IA, Esterville IA, Ft Dodge IA, and Mason City IA.

1950  Auubonon, Brancroft, Carroll, Esterville, Fonda, Lakes, Mason City, Schaller, Spencer, Storm Lake.

1951  Aubudon, Fonda and Schaller left the league and Lakes move to Denson during the season.

1952  Wall Lake entered the league; Brancroft left the league.

1953  Storm Lake entered the league; Wall Lake left the league.

1954  No team entered or left the league.

1955  Brancroft entered the league.

NOTE 1 - Bold Means unknowkn Location

NOTE 2 - Unsure but i think theteams that played in 1895 where also played in the Eastern Iowa League

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