In baseball parlance, an inside-the-park home run is a play where a hitter scores a home run without hitting the ball out of play.


To score an inside-the-park home run the player must run round and touch all four bases before a fielder tags him out, the same as he would do for a double or triple. This is a rare event, generally occurring only a handful of times during any given season. The play requires both a fast base runner and often some sort of fielding mishap by the defense, or a strange bounce in the outfield. If the fielder commits an error during the act, however, the play is not scored as a home run, but rather advancing on an error. The classic situation is when two outfielders collide on their way toward receiving a ball hit to the warning track; the missed ball then bounces first off the track and then low off of the fence high and far away from the fallen fielders. Another situation is when the ball tips off of the glove of a diving fielder away from the other fielder.


Of the 154,483 home runs hit from 1951 - 2000, 975 (about one in every 158) were inside the park. The percentage has dwindled over the years with the growing propensity of smaller parks.

Career RecordsEdit

Single Season RecordsEdit

  • Major League and National League - Sam Crawford - 12 - 1901
  • American League - Ty Cobb - 9 - - 1909

Single Game RecordsEdit

  • Major League and National League - Tom McCreery - 3 - 1897
  • American League - 17 tied - 2

Rare occurrencesEdit

Inside-the-park grand slamsEdit

An inside-the-park grand slam is the same event but, like a grand slam, features the bases loaded for an inside-the-park home run. There have been 40 inside-the-park grand slams in Major League Baseball since 1950 and only eight since 1990 (as of 2002). Honus Wagner had the most in MLB history with five.

List of ballplayers who've hit inside-the-park grand slamsEdit

Here is the full list of all Major League ballplayers who have hit inside-the-park grand slams:

10/03/1999 Randy Winn TBA
07/21/1999 Tony Womack ARI
05/03/1998 Dan Wilson SEA
06/26/1997 Tony Gwynn SDN
08/28/1991 Chico Walker CHN
09/01/1990 Mike Greenwell BOS
08/30/1990 Ron Karkovice CHA
08/14/1990 Luis Polonia CAL
06/02/1989 Junior Felix TOR
06/21/1987 Bob Brower TEX
06/09/1985 Terry Pendleton SLN
07/19/1982 Tom Brunansky MIN
09/26/1980 Ben Oglivie MIL
06/10/1979 Jim Essian OAK
08/05/1977 Frank Taveras PIT
06/26/1976 Bombo Rivera MON
06/22/1976 Kevin Bell CHA
08/26/1973 Paul Blair BAL
09/18/1971 Carlos May CHA
09/02/1971 Cesar Cedeno HOU
09/02/1970 Gene Alley PIT
05/30/1970 Roberto Pena MIL
06/25/1967 Rick Reichardt CAL
07/20/1965 Mel Stottlemyre NYA
06/09/1963 Tim McCarver SLN
08/08/1961 Gary Geiger BOS
08/25/1960 Willie Mays SFN
07/06/1960 Bob Skinner PIT
06/04/1960 Wally Moon LAN
06/01/1958 Johnny Temple CIN
08/08/1956 Ted Kazanski PHI
07/25/1956 Roberto Clemente PIT
05/15/1955 Irv Noren NYA
05/01/1955 George Freese PIT
06/16/1954 Ferris Fain CHA
08/27/1952 Al Rosen CLE
04/19/1952 Don Lenhardt BOS
06/19/1951 Willie Jones PHI
05/18/1951 Jack Cusick CHN
08/02/1950 Wes Westrum NY
04/27/1949 Pete Milne NY
04/20/1948 Tom McBride WAS
08/24/1947 Eddie Waitkus CHN
07/20/1947 Paul Lehner SLA
06/29/1947 Ferris Fain PHA
07/26/1943 Arky Vaughan BRO
05/31/1942 Dixie Walker BRO
05/03/1942 Eddie Miller BSN
05/25/1941 Pete Reiser BRO
04/20/1941 Doc Cramer WAS
09/16/1940 Ray Mack CLE
07/04/1939 Jim Tabor BOS
09/21/1937 Hal Trosky CLE
07/31/1937 Elbie Fletcher BSN
06/04/1936 Mickey Cochrane DET
07/06/1934 Sam Leslie BRO
07/05/1934 Lou Gehrig NYA
06/20/1934 Heinie Manush WAS
06/14/1934 Leo Durocher SLN
06/23/1933 Tony Cuccinello BRO
05/14/1933 Hack Wilson BRO
05/01/1933 Arky Vaughan PIT
06/11/1932 Danny Taylor BRO
05/30/1932 John Stone DET
07/09/1930 Del Bissonette BRO
08/26/1929 Norm McMillan CHN
07/04/1929 Adam Comorosky PIT
05/10/1929 Earl Averill CLE
05/20/1928 Earle Combs NYA
09/14/1927 Max Carey BRO
07/15/1927 Bud Clancy CHA
05/25/1927 Les Bell SLN
08/04/1926 Bill Barrett CHA
05/18/1926 Tony Lazzeri NYA
07/28/1925 Spence Harris CHA
06/20/1925 Kiki Cuyler PIT
06/13/1925 Joe Judge WAS
04/17/1925 Joe Judge WAS
08/09/1924 Jigger Statz CHN
07/25/1924 George Harper PHI
07/10/1924 Harvey Hendrick NYA
07/15/1923 Bernie Friberg CHN
07/11/1923 Fred Haney DET
07/01/1923 Patsy Gharrity WAS
05/14/1923 Wally Pipp NYA
05/12/1922 Chick Fewster NYA
08/30/1921 Tony Boeckel BSN
08/18/1921 Shano Collins BOS
07/28/1921 Howie Shanks WAS
07/16/1920 Joe Jackson CHA
08/02/1919 Harry Heilmann DET
06/24/1919 Tommy Griffith BRO
06/05/1919 Eddie Collins CHA
08/23/1918 Irish Meusel PHI
08/19/1918 Edd Roush CIN
06/04/1918 Marty Kavanagh SLN
06/17/1917 Lee Gooch PHA
06/06/1917 Rogers Hornsby SLN
09/30/1916 Happy Felsch CHA
09/28/1916 Benny Kauff NY
09/15/1916 Zack Wheat BRO
09/13/1916 Sherry Magee BSN
08/03/1916 Red Smith BSN
07/15/1916 George Burns DET
05/31/1916 Frank Gilhooley NYA
08/27/1915 Dots Miller SLN
07/29/1915 Honus Wagner PIT
06/10/1915 Bob Bescher SLN
10/05/1914 Possum Whitted BSN
09/28/1914 George Cutshaw BRO
09/26/1914 Rabbit Maranville BSN
09/03/1914 George Burns NY
08/18/1914 Heinie Zimmerman CHN
08/03/1914 Ed Konetchy PIT
06/02/1914 Davy Jones PIT
05/27/1914 Rabbit Maranville BSN
09/17/1913 Ty Cobb DET
08/05/1913 Cy Williams CHN
07/11/1913 Birdie Cree NYA
06/11/1913 Sam Crawford DET
05/11/1913 Joe Jackson CLE
10/03/1912 Duffy Lewis BOS
08/22/1912 Eddie Onslow DET
10/09/1911 Ben Houser BSN
09/07/1911 Tommy Leach PIT
07/28/1911 Tex Erwin BRO
06/24/1911 Stuffy McInnis PHA
06/04/1911 Eddie Grant CIN
06/02/1911 Doc Gessler WAS
05/18/1911 Ivy Olson CLE
05/07/1911 Joe Jackson CLE
05/04/1911 Honus Wagner PIT
09/30/1910 Beals Becker NY
09/15/1910 Red Murray NY
09/13/1910 Chief Wilson PIT
08/26/1910 Dick Hoblitzell CIN
07/22/1910 Deacon Phillippe PIT
07/21/1910 Tommy Leach PIT
05/17/1910 Donie Bush DET
04/21/1910 Jake Stahl BOS
04/20/1910 Kid Elberfeld WAS
09/11/1909 Chief Meyers NY
06/03/1909 Honus Wagner PIT
07/18/1908 Danny Murphy PHA
06/28/1908 Germany Schaefer DET
05/17/1908 John Ganzel CIN
08/16/1907 Tommy Leach PIT
10/04/1906 Sammy Strang NY
08/18/1906 Kitty Bransfield PHI
07/27/1906 Ginger Beaumont PIT
07/18/1906 Cy Falkenberg WAS
10/07/1905 Frank LaPorte NYA
09/26/1905 Joe Stanley WAS
07/05/1905 Tommy Corcoran CIN
06/25/1905 Billy Maloney CHN
06/17/1905 Sam Crawford DET
10/01/1904 Red Dooin PHI
09/19/1904 Danny Murphy PHA
08/25/1904 Bill Dahlen NY
07/30/1904 Dave Fultz NYA
07/08/1904 Freddy Parent BOS
05/10/1904 Miller Huggins CIN
05/06/1904 Harry Davis PHA
04/22/1904 Art Devlin NY
06/05/1903 Hobe Ferris BOS
04/30/1903 Tommy Leach PIT
08/28/1902 Wid Conroy PIT
08/04/1902 Frank Chance CHN
07/25/1902 Jimmy Collins BOS
07/08/1902 Harry Davis PHA
06/03/1902 Mike O'Neill SLN
09/24/1901 Jimmy Sheckard BRO
09/23/1901 Jimmy Sheckard BRO
09/23/1901 Joe Kelley BRO
09/22/1901 John Ganzel NY
09/20/1901 Honus Wagner PIT
06/18/1901 Jimmy Williams BAL
06/17/1901 Ducky Holmes DET
04/28/1900 Fielder Jones BRO
05/23/1899 Elmer Flick PHI
05/15/1899 Willie Keeler BRO
04/28/1899 Pete Cassidy WAS
09/29/1898 Kip Selbach WAS
07/28/1898 Honus Wagner LOU
10/03/1897 Tuck Turner SLN
09/11/1897 Jake Gettman WAS
07/28/1897 Cupid Childs CLE
07/14/1897 Bobby Wallace CLE
05/08/1897 Bones Ely PIT
06/11/1896 Jake Stenzel PIT
08/24/1895 Jimmy Ryan CHN
05/20/1895 Ace Stewart CHN
09/30/1894 Heinie Reitz BAL
07/07/1894 Lave Cross PHI
09/05/1893 Parke Wilson NY
07/18/1893 Eddie Burke NY
07/08/1893 George Van Haltren PIT
06/15/1893 Jesse Burkett CLE
05/11/1893 Bobby Lowe BSN
08/10/1892 Billy Hamilton PHI
07/06/1892 Lave Cross PHI
04/30/1892 Elton Chamberlin CIN
04/12/1892 Herman Long BSN
09/26/1891 Tim Shinnick LOU
07/20/1891 Bill Kuehne COL
05/01/1891 Oyster Burns BRO
10/01/1890 Jack Crooks COL
08/29/1890 William Brown NY
07/21/1890 Al Myers PHI
06/05/1890 Jocko Fields PIT
04/19/1890 Cupid Childs SYR
09/16/1889 Monte Ward NY
08/20/1889 Ned Hanlon PIT
08/19/1889 Joe Mulvey PHI
08/27/1888 Tom Brown BSN
05/03/1888 George Shoch WAS
05/16/1887 Fred Mann CLE
04/27/1887 Bob Caruthers STL
09/06/1886 Harry Stovey PHI
07/13/1886 Charley Jones CIN
05/06/1886 Mike Dorgan NY
06/27/1885 Dave Orr NY
06/20/1882 Larry Corcoran CHN
09/29/1881 Harry Stovey WOR


  1.   4 Home Runs in One Game –

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