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Yeoncheon Miracle </br> Founded in 2015
Yuncheon Miracle Logo</br> Team Logo
League affiliations
  • </b>
  • ISG Miracle (2015)[br] Yeoncheon Miracle
  • </b>
  • '
  • Yeoncheon Baseball Park
  • League titles:
Owner(s)/Operated By: International Sports Group
General Manager: International Sports Group
Media: '

The Yeoncheon Miracle is an Korean independent baseball team based in Yeoncheon.

2017 Yeoncheon Miracle Roster Edit

  • Pitchers
  • -- Lim Do Gyeong
  • Hitters
  • -- Song Jun-Hee
  • -- Jang Si-Ha
  • Manager
  • -- Kim In-Sik
  • Coaches
  • -- Jeong Jin-Hwan (head coach & Pitching)
  • -- Choi Yeon-Oh (hitting & battery)
  • † Disabled list
    * Suspended list
    # Military list

updated 2016-12-04

 Man of Miracle (Go to KBO League)Edit

2015 Man of Miracle Edit

2016 Man of Miracle Edit

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