David Hunter Jones (born January 10, 1984 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida) is a minor league baseball pitcher. He currently plays for the Pawtucket Red Sox, the Triple-A team in the Boston Red Sox organization. He started his baseball career in 2004 at Florida State University. Jones has been in the minor leagues for 3 years starting from 2005-2007.

He is six feet, four inches tall and weighs 235 pounds. He throws and bats left-handed.

Baseball CareerEdit

Jones is not yet in the Majors. Jones is known for pitching for long periods of games. He has great composure. He has great success over righties. He missed a lot of time in college because of a fractered arm, but then had a successful surgery.

Pitching Edit

Jones throws a 92-96 miles per hour fastball, a 89-93 miles per hour two-seam fastball, a circle changeup, and a curveball. He does better verses righties. He was used as a lefty specialist in the past.[1]

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