The Hudson River League was formed in 1885 and played in 1886,1888-1889 as a non-classification league, 1909 an Independent League,  and in 1903 as a class D minor league. Upgraded to class C the next season, it continued through 1907 before collapsing. There were twelve cities that represented the league during the five year run; eleven came from New York State and one from Massachusetts. The Poughkeepsie Colts became the only team to win more than one league title, taking home the league crown in 1904 and 1907. The "HR" league disbanded June 18, 1907 and did not attempt a comeback the next season.

1885     Hudson NY, Kingston NY, Newburgh NY, Pougkeepsie NY

1886     Albany NY, Kingston NY, Newburgh NY, Pougkeepsie NY, Saratoga Springs NY, Troy NY

1888     Haverstraw NY, Kingston NY, Newburgh NY, Peekskill NY, Pougkeepsie NY, Yonkers NY

1889     Haverstraw NY, Kingston NY,  Peekskill NY, Pougkeepsie NY

1903     Hudson NY, Kingston NY, Newburgh NY, Ossining NY, Peekskill NY, Poghkeepsie NY, Saugerties NY. During the season, Ossining moved to Catskill NY.

1904     Paterson NJ entered the league; Catskill and Peekskill left the league.

1905     Peekskill NY and Yonkers NY entered the league. During the season Saugerties moved to Pittsfield MA.

1906     Glen Falls NY entered the league; Peeksill, Pittsfield and Yonkers left the league.

1907     Yonkers NY entered the league and Glen Falls left the league.

1909     Amsterdam, NY, Gloversville NY, Kingston NY, Johnstown NY, Middletown NY, Newburgh NY, Schenectady NY