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"Heinie" was a popular nickname for German baseball players in the early part of the 20th Century, especially among players named Henry (Heinrich in German). Heinie became a popular derogatory term for German soldiers during World War I. There were a total of 22 major league Heinie's in the first half of the century. They include: Heinie Beckendorf (1909-1910); Heinie Groh (1912-1927); Heinie Manush (1923-1939) (the only Hall of Fame "Heinie"); Heinie Meine (1922-1934); Heinie Mueller (1920-1935); Heinie Mueller (1938-1941); Heinie Peitz (1892-1913); Heinie Reitz (1893-1899); Heinie Sand (1923-1928); Heinie Schuble (1927-1936); Heinie Smith (1897-1903); Heinie Stafford (1914); Heinie Wagner (1902-1918); and Heinie Zimmerman (1907-1919). No major league player has been known by the nickname "Heinie" since World War II.

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