Guide To HittingEdit

The stanceEdit

If you are a right handed batter, you would have your right hand above your left, and guide the bat with your left hand. For a left handed hitter, you would do the exact opposite.

A left handed hitter

Switch HittersEdit

Being a switch hitter can give you a lot of advantages against pitchers, like if a left handed pitcher come in to face a left handed hitter, a switch hitter can take away the advantage of a lefty vs. lefty, or righty vs. righty.

The headEdit

how many times have you heard your dad say "Keep your eye on the ball"? Well, that might be the best tip you will ever find out. if you don't keep your eye on the ball, then you don't know what you are swinging at. another very important tip is, not to pull your head. When I say "Don't pull your head, it means, not keep your head. looking at the ball and in the same place throughout your swing

The handsEdit

Like I said before, if you are a right handed batter, you would have your right hand above your left, and guide the bat with your left hand. and for leftys, you should do the opposite. Another tip is to throw the knob of the bat at the ball and extend the hands.

The HipsEdit

The hips do one thing for your swing. They rotate; you always want to rotate your hips, because without it, you have no power in your swing and you just use your arms, but when you use the hips, it has a smooth and swift motion.

The FeetEdit

Like the head the hands and the hips, the feet are also important, The feet is kind of like the controller of weight shift. The front foot keeps the balance of your body, while the back foot holds all the weight. When swining, make sure when rotating your hips, you also what tto twist your back foot from your side, to front. (Think of it as squshing a bug)

The Weight ShiftEdit

The weight shift is the only way that you can have good timing. You always want to be looking at the ball even before it is pitched. Once the ball is released from the pitchers hand you need to shift your weight back to your back foot, then push of on your back foot and smack the ball.

Step By StepEdit

  • Shift your weight back.
  • Rotate the Hips and Twist your back foot.
  • Extend the arms and throw the knob of the bat at the barrel.
  • Lock your head in and throw your bat at the ball
  • Don't pull your head and follow through with your swing

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