Georga-Carolina Textile League is an Independent League.

1928     Lavonia Ga, Liberty SC, Lonsdale SC, Newry SC, Toccoa Ga, Westmisnter Ga, Walhalla SC.

1936     Abbleville SC, Appleton SC, Calhoun Falls, SC Hartwell Ga, La France SC, Lavonia Ga

1937     Central SC and Williamston SC enter the League and Appleton and La France has left the league.

1938     Appleton SC, Elberton Ga, and Iva SC enter the league and Central Lavonia and Williamston has left the league.

1939     Anderson SC enter the league and Abbeville, Appleton and Calhoun Falls has left the league.

1940     Belton SC, La France SC and Lavonia GA, enter the League and hartwell has left the league.

1941     Anderson SC, Arial SC, Central SC, Equinox, SC, Glenwood SC, Iva SC, Pelzer SC, Orr SC

1947     Chicopee Ga, Clarksville Ga, Gainesville Ga, Habershwa Ga, Jefferson Ga, New Holland Ga, Oconee GA

1951     Appleton SC, Elberton GA, Gluck SC, Iva SC, Orrr, SC, Royston Ga

1952     Eguinox SC and Fiberglass, SC/Ga has enter the league and Elberton and Orr has left the league.

NOTE 1 - BOLD means unknown Location

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