The Georgia-Alabama League operated as a Class D circuit for the following years: 1913-17, 1928-30, 1946-51.

Georgia-Alabama (D 1913-17, 1928-30, 1946-51)

1913     Anniston AL, Gadsden AL, LaGrange GA, Opelika AL, Rome GA, Talladega AL

1914     Newman, GA and Selma, AL entered the league.

1915     Griffin GA entered the league; Gadsden, Opelika and Selma left the league.

1916     No teams entered or left the league.

1917     Gadsden, AL entered the league; Newman left the league.

1928     Anniston AL, Carrolltown GA, Cedartown GA, Gadsden AL, Lindale GA and Talladega AL.

1929     No teams entered or left the league.

1930     Huntsville, AL entered the league; Gadsden left the league.

1946     Carrolltown GA, LaGrange GA, Lanett GA, Newman GA, Opelika AL, Tallasee Al

1947     Alexandria, AL and Griffin, GA entered the league.

1948     No teams entered or left the league.

1949     No teams entered or left the league.

1950     Rome GA entered the league; Tallassee left the league.

1951     Carrolltown and Newman left the league.

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