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  • Baseball first started in 1792 in a small town called Pittsfield located in the western part of
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    Massachusetts and during its early stages, the sport was banned to be played within 80 yards of a house (Miklich). Although baseball started in the late 1700's, teams did not start to play under modern rules until September 23rd, 1845 when the New York Knickerbockers formed the first club team. In 1857, the National Association of Baseball Players (NABBP) was formed (Miklich). This league included 16 club teams from the New York area that competed against one another (Miklich). By 1866, the National Association of Baseball Players grew to more than 400 teams (Young). During this time period, baseball was played slightly different than it is today. The players did not use gloves, they simply caught the ball with their barehands. Also the ball was thrown underhand rather than overhand. Games were also played on all-grass fields rather than the more modern clay infield. In 1867, an African American club team from
    HOF, Robinson Jackie 32.62 Bat NBL.preview

    Jackie Robinson

    Philadelphia, PA, known as the Pythians of Philadelphia Club made an attempt to join the NABBP and was rejected from the league (Miklich). Due to the African American club's rejection, the Negro League Baseball was established (Miklich). This segregation went on for almost a century (1867-1947) before the first African American, Jackie Robinson, was accepted to play in the prefessional league (Young).

Rules & Regulations:Edit

  • The game consists of 9 innings in which both teams bat and play the field once per inning. An inning ends when both teams get three outs each when playing in the field. 9 players play the field while the opposing team is batting.
    The ball was white with red stitching, weighed 5.25 ounces, and was approxiamately 9.25 inches in circumference (Bennett).A pitcher is a defensive player that throws the ball to the batter. The goal of the pitcher is to strike the batter out by pitching 3 balls over the home plate.A fielder is also a defensive player that tries to stops the opposing team from scoring points by either catching the ball after it is hit, tag the runner out when they are running to a base, or pitch three strikes to the hitter. A catcher is the player that crouches down behind homeplate and provided the pitcher with a target in which he will aim to throw the ball to. A batter is an offensive player that makes an attempt to hit the ball from the pitcher and get on base. Once the batter makes it from 1st base through home plate, the offensive team is awarded a point. A strict batting order is kept that each team must follow unless a player is being substituted. A game may consist of more innings if the score is tied after the scheduled 9 innings. The game will go on until one team is in the league after a full inning.A balk is when the pitcher picks off to first but moves his front leg before his back resulting in an advance of the runner to the next baseA hit-n-run is when the runner on base steals and the batter is supposed to hit the ball on the ground not airIn order for a runner to steal a base, he must wait for the pitcher to pick up his front leg.

America's PastimeEdit

  • Baseball is considered to be America's pastime.Baseball is considered to be one of the fairest sports because the players can not stall and let the time run out, the pitcher must throw the ball over the plate.Every position has a different responsibility on the field.Unlike other sports a baseball park can be different shapes and sizes in terms of the fences distance and height.There are 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams and stadiums. The thing that is the same about every MLB field is that the bases all must be 90 ft apart and the pitchers mound must be 60 ft from home plate.


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