Ferdie Schupp

A photo of Ferdie Schupp.

Ferdinand Maurice Schupp (January 16, 1891 - December 16, 1971) born in Louisville, Kentucky was a Pitcher for the New York Giants (now the San Francisco Giants) (1913-19), St. Louis Cardinals (1919-21), Brooklyn Robins (1921) and Chicago White Sox (1922).

He helped the Giants win the 1913 and 1917 National League Pennant.

He led the National League in Won-Loss % (.750) and Hits Allowed per 9 Innings Pitched (6.68) in 1917.

He led the National League in Walks Allowed (127) in 1920.

In 10 seasons he had a 61-39 Win-Loss record, 216 Games, 120 Games Started, 62 Complete Games, 11 Shutouts, 70 Games Finished, 6 Saves, 1,054 Innings Pitched, 938 Hits Allowed, 470 Runs Allowed, 389 Earned Runs Allowed, 30 Home Runs Allowed, 464 Walks Allowed, 553 Strikeouts, 33 Hit Batsmen, 24 Wild Pitches, 4,463 Batters Faced, 1 Balk and a 3.32 ERA.

He died in Los Angeles, California at the age of 80.

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