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Edmonton League is an Independent and a Senior League that is based in Edmonton, AB.

1912    Blue Labels , Excelsior, Olympics, Pennants, Red Sox, Wholesalers

1913    No team enter or left the league

1919    DeKan Grotto, Knights of Columbia, Great War Veterans, YMCA

1922    Calder, Fairview. Metropolitans, Morinville

1926 - Centrals, Radials, Yeomen

1928    Bulletin, Chrevelot, Stockyard Bulls, Young Liberals

1929    South Side enter the league and Bulletin has left the league.

1930    No team enter or left the league

1931    Imperials enter the league and Chrevelot has left the league.

1932    Royals enter the league and Stock yard Bulls has left the league.

1933    Army & Navy Club  and Shasta enter the league and Imperials and Royals have left the league

1935    Army & Navy Club, Crescents, Royals, South Side

1938    Arrows, Belmont, Cardinals, Columbus Club

1942    Arrows, Dodgers, Hornets

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