This was an unclassified league which operated from 1885 through 1887.

Bridgeport, CT: 1886-87

Danbury, CT: 1887

Hartford, CT: 1886-87

Jersey City, NJ: 1885-86

Lancaster/Bridgeport, PA/CT: 1885

Maspeth (New York City)"Long Island": 1886

Meriden, CT: 1886

Newark, NJ: 1885-86

New Haven, CT: 1887

Norfolk/Waterbury, VA/CT: 1885

Providence, RI: 1886

Richmond, VA: 1885

Springfield, MA: 1887

Trenton, NJ: 1884-85

Waterbury, CT: 1886-87

Wilmington/Atlantic City, DE/NJ: 1885

Washington, D.C.: 1885

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