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Eastern Independent Negro League was an independent league.

1905   See Eastern Colored League

1910   Brooklyn NY, New York Black Sox NY, Philadelphia Pa

1911   Buffalo NY and New York Lincoln Giants entered the league; the New York Black Sox left the league.

1912   Paterson NJ entered the league; Philadelpiha left the league.

1913   Schenectady NY and Philadelphia Pa entered the league.

1914   New York Lincoln Stars and New York Colored Gaints entered the league; Paterson left the league

1915   Long Branch NJ entered the league; Brooklyn, Buffalo, New York Colored Stars and Schenectady left the league.

1916   Atlantic City NJ, Brooklyn NY, Jersey City NJ and New York Lincoln Cubs entered the league. During the season, Jersey City moved to Poughkeepsie NY.

1917   Darby Pa, Philadelphia, Pa  and a road team - Pennsylvania Red Caps entered the league; Poughkeepsie and New York Lincoln Stars left the league. During the seson, the Darby team move to Hilldale, ??.

1918   New York Cuban Stars entered the league; New York Lincoln Cubs and Philadelpiha left the league.

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