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The League started as the Negro National East League fro,m 1920 to 1922, then became Eastern Colored League from 1923 to 1928, then AmericanNegro League in 1929, back to Eastern Colored League, then East-West league , 1932-1934 and finally became the Negro National League from 1935 to 1948.

1920    Atlantic City, Baltimore, Brooklyn, New York Cuban Stars, New York Lincoln Giants, Philadelphia

1921    No teams enter or left this League

1922    No teams enter or left this League

1923    No teams enter or left this League

1924    Harrisburg and Washington-Wilmington enter the league

1925    No teams enter or left this League

1926    Newark enter the league and Washington-Wilmington left the league

1927    New York Cuban Stars left the league

1928    Homestead (Pa) enter the league and Harrisburg left the league

1929    New York Cuban Stars enter the league and Brooklyn and Newark left the league

1930    Brooklyn enter the league and Atlantic City left the league

1931    New York-Harlem, Newark and Pittsburgh enter the league

1932    Cleveland, Detroit and Washington enter the league and Baltimore, Brooklyn, New York-Harlem and Newark left the league.

1933    Baltimore, Columbus, Indianapolis and Nashville enter the league and Cleveland New York Cuban Giants, New York Lincoln Giants Philadelphia and Washington left the league. During the Season, the Columbus team first move to Akron and finally move to Cleveland

1934    Atlantic City, Chicago, Cleveland and Philadelphia enter the league and Detroit, Homestead, Cleveland and Indianapolis left the league.

1935    Brooklyn, Columbus, Homestead New York Cubans and Newark enter the league and Atlantic City Baltimore, Cleveland, and Nashville left the league.

1936    Washington enter the league and Brooklyn, Chicago and Columbus left the league.

1937    No teams enter or left this League

1938    Baltimore enter the league

1939    New York Black Yankees enter the league and Homestead and Pittsburgh left the league.

1940 thru 1948  No teams enter or left this League

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