Eastern Carolina Textile League is an Independent League.

1923    Beattie SC, Conestee, SC, Plezer SC, Simpsonville SC

1924    Conestee SC, Fountain Inn SC, Simpsonville SC, Woodruff Mills Mill SC

1928    Clinton SC, Conestee, SC Fountain SC, Laurens SC, Pelham SC, Simpsonsville SC

1934    Beaumont SC, Converse, SC, Drayton SC, Inman SC, Lyman SC, Pacolet SC, Tucapau SC, Woodruff  Mills Mill SC

1935    Arcadia SC, Clifton SC and Gaffney SC enter the league and Lyman, Tucapau and Woodruff has left the league

1936    Whitney SC and Woodruff Brandon enter the league and Clifton and Gaffnet has left the league.

1937    Lyman SC and Woodruff Mills Mill SC has enter the League.

1938    Beaumont, Inman, Lyman, Whitney, Woodruff Brandon and Woodruff Mills Mill has left the league.

1939    Beaumont SC, Inman SC, and Tucapau SC Enter the league.

1940    Avondale NC, Gaffney, SC and Riverdale SC enter the league and Beaumont and Tucapau has left the league.

1946    Drayton SC Gaffney SC, Lockhart SC, Monarch SC, Pacolet SC, and Union SC

1947    Buffalo SC enter the League and Gaffney has left the league.

1948    Gaffney SC, Excelsior SC and Inman SC enter the league and Drayton has left the league.

1949    Drayton SC, Laurens SC, Woodruff Brandon, SC and Woodruff Mills Mill SC has enter the league and Buffalo, Gaffney, Lockhart and Monarch has left the league.

1950    Riverdale SC and Spartanburg-Abney SC enter the league and Drayton, Excelsior, Laurens and Woodruff Brandon has left the league

1953    Buffalo SC,Draper SC Greer SC, InmanSC, Jonesville SC, Lockhart SC, Pacolet SC, Riverdale SC,

1954    Apalache SC, Berkeley NC, Jonesville SC, Pacolet SC.

1955 - 1959  Not sure if this league played

1960    Buffalo SC, Carlisle SC, Draper SC , Union-Riverdale, SC

If this league played beyond 1954, please add it to the website and email at

NOTE 1 - BOLD means unknown Location

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