The Eastern Canada League was a Class B league which operated in 1922 and 1923 and an independent league from 1894, 1904 to 1907 and 1909.

1894    Farnham Qc, Montreal Qc, Montreal Granite Qc, Ottawa On

1895 - 1903   Not sure if this league played

1904    Farnham QC, Montreal Mascots QC, Montreal-All Montreal QC, Ottaowa On and St Hyancinthe QC

1905    Montreal Cherrier QC, St Jean QC, and Valleyfield QC entered the league; Farnham All Montreal and Ottawa left the League.

1906   Montreal St Denis, QC entered the League; Montreal Cherrier left the league.

1907   Montreal Star, QC and Otttawa, On entered the league; St Denis left the league.

1908   Not sure if this league played

1909   Montreal Amherst QC,  Montreal Balmoral Qc, Montreal Chenier QC, Montreal Voliquers QC and Valleyfield QC

1922   Montreal QC, Ottawa On, Trois Rivieres QC, Valleyfield QC. During the season Valleyfield moved to Cap de Madeline QC

1923   Montreal QC, Ottawa On, Quebec, QC Trois Rivieres QC. During the season Trois Riviers moved to Montreal, QC.

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