The Eastern Association was a minor league which operated in four different decades. The first year of operation was 1881 to 1882

The second year was 1891. The third year was 1909 and based in New York. The fourth was a Class B organization operated in 1913 and 1914.

'Eastern Assn' (1881)  (exact name - Eastern Champoinship Association)

Brooklyn, NY "Atlantics"

Brooklyn, NY "Quicksteps"

New York City, NY "Metropolitans"

New York City, NY "New Yorks"

Philadelphia, PA "Athletics"

Philadelphia, PA "Phillies"

Washington/Albany, D.C./NY

1882 Unknown

'Eastern Assn' (1891)

(see International League)

Eastern Association 1909

Amsterdam, Gloversville, Kingston, Johnstown, Middletown, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie and Schenectady

'Eastern Assn' (B 1913-14)

Bridgeport, CT: 1913-14

Hartford, CT: 1913-14

Holyoke/Meriden, MA/CT: 1913

New Britain, CT: 1914

New Haven, CT: 1913-14

New London, CT: 1913-14

Pittsfield, MA: 1913-14

Springfield, MA: 1913-14

Waterbury, CT: 1913-14

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