Door County League is an Independent league that was based in Wisconsin

1938 - Algoma, Bailey's Harbor, Carlsville, Egg harbor, Forestville, Jacksonport, Sister Bay, Washington Island

1939 - Fish Creek, Sturgeon Bay and Tornado enter the league and Algoma has left the League

1940 - Highway Club and institute has enter the League and Forestville and Tornado has left the League

1941 - Highway Club and Washington Island has left the League

1942 - Institute and Sister Bay has left the league

1943 - Egg Harbor and Fish Creek has left the league

1944 - See Door-Kewaunee League

1945 - Algoma, Bailey's Harbor, Egg Harbor, Forestville, Institute, Sturgeon Bay, Sturgeon Smith Shipbuilders

1946 - Maplewood, Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay Van's Tavern and Washington Island enter the league and Algoma, Sturgeon Bay and Sturgeon Smith Shipbuilders has left the league

1947 - Algoma, Kolberg, Little Sturgeon and Sawyer enter the league and Bailey's Harbor and Forestville left the League

1948 - Jacksonport enter the league and Algoma has left the league

1949 - Bailey's Harbor and West Jacksonport enter the league and Jacksonport and Van's Tavern left the League

1950 - No teams enter or left the League

1951 - Tom O' Thumb enter the league

1952 - V. F. W. enter the League

1953 - Ellison Bay the League

1954 - Ellison Bay, Kolberg, Maplewood and Sawyer has left the league

1955 - No teams enter or left the League

1956 - V. F. W. has left the League

1957 - Brussels Maplewood and Sturgeon enter the league

1958 - Maplewood has left the league

1959 - Kolberg and Maplewood enter the League

1960 - Baileys Harbor, Brussels, Egg Harbor, Institue, Kolberg, Maplewood, Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Washington Island, West Jacksonport

NOTE 1 - BOLD is an Unknown Location

NOTE 2 - This League is now an Amateur Legue an dthat change between 1961 and 2001. If anyone can find the standings during this League, go for it

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