Dealware River League was an independent league, that was based in either New Jersey or Philadelphia from 1906 through 1921.

1906     Hopewell Pa, Lambertville NJ, Trenton, Trenton American, Trenton Bowman, Trenton Currans, Trenton Waldens

1911     Delair NJ, Palmyra NJ, Riverside NJ, Riverton NJ

1912     Beverly NJ, Florence NJ, Palmyra NJ, RIverside NJ, Trenton Roebling NJ, Trenton Taubel NJ

1919     Bash, De Laval, Empire, J. H.  Barber, Morrisville (PA), Trenton-American Bridge (NJ)

1920     Bash, De Laval, J. H. Barber, Lambertville (NJ),  Morrisville (NJ) Newtown (PA), Roebling, Trenton-American Bridge (NJ)

1921     Bash, De Laval, J H Barber,  Lambertville (NJ), Trenton-American Bridge (NJ),  Wilsonville

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