Daegu Samsung Lions Park
Daegu Samsung Lions Park May 2015
Location Daegu, South Korea
Coordinates Template:Geobox coor
Broke ground December 27, 2012
Opened 2016 (planned)
Owner City of Daegu
Surface Grass
Capacity 29,178
Field dimensions Left Field - 99 meters (325 ft.)
Left-Center - 123.4 meters (405 ft.)
Center Field - 122 meters (400 ft.)
Right-Center - 123.4 meters (405 ft.)
Right Field - 99 meters (325 ft.)
Outfield Wall Height - 3 meters (10 ft.)
Samsung Lions (2016-present)

Daegu Samsung Lions Park is a multi-use stadium, currently under construction in Daegu, South Korea.[1] It will be used mostly for baseball games and is the future home stadium of Samsung Lions. The stadium will hold 29,178 [2] people, and is projected to open before the 2016 season.

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