Czech league baseball, abbreviated Extraliga (EXL), is the name for the highest baseball league in the Czech Republic organized baseball Association (CBA). This competition is organized since 1993, as well as Czech Baseball Cup. Czech league baseball is composed of a base part and the play-off for the title. The basic part of the eight teams playing league system, each with four or five times each. The first four teams the final table will advance to the playoffs for the title.In the semi-final play-off clashes with the first team after the basic part of the fourth and the second with the third in a series of three or four victories. Winners of semifinal clash in the final series of three or four victories.Advantageous position is always better placed team after the basic part. The overall league ranking is determined as follows: First place - winner of the playoff for the title, gains for the year the title of "Master of CR in baseball" Second place - defeated runner-up playoff for the title, Third and 4 place - defeated semi-finalists play-off for the title (in order of their placement on the basic parts) 5th to 8 place - 5 to 8 team in the standings after the basic part.

Outright Czech league baseball

Extraliga 2011 1 Technika Brno 2 Draci Brno 3 Kotlářka Prague 4 Eagles Prague 5 Arrows Ostrava 6 MZLU Brno 7 Hroši Brno 8 Skokani Olomouc

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