The Colonial League operated in 1914 Class C, 1915 Independent  and again from 1947 through 1950 Class B). Colonial (C 1914)(B 1947-50)

Bridgeport, CT: 1947-50

Hartford CT 1915

New Haven CT 1915

Springfield MA 1915

Bristol, CT: 1949-50

Brockton, MA: 1914-1915

Fall River, MA: 19149195

Kingston, NY: 1949-50

New Bedford, MA: 1914-1915

New Brunswick/Kingston, NJ/NY: 1948

New London, CT: 1947

Pawtucket, RI: 1914-1915

Port Chester, NY: 1947-48

Poughkeepsie, NY: 1947-50

Stamford, CT: 1947-49

Taunton, MA: 1914-1915

Torrington, CT: 1950

Waterbury, CT: 1947-50

Woonsocket, RI: 1914

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