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Chicago Commercial League was an Independent League that was based In Chicago IL.

1888    AG Spaulding, Butler, Jenny & Graham, J.V. Farrell, Putnam and Strass has started this league.

1889    AG Spaulding, Meridan, Jenny & Graham, PC Brantford, S.A. Maxwell and Virginia Brights

1890    AG Spaulding, Donhonue & Henneberry, H.W.King & Co, J.H. Walker and Co., Jenny & Graham, Meridian

1896    A.C McClurg and Co, Charles Truax, & Co, Lord Owen & Co, Mandel Bros, Peter Van Schaak & Sons, Schlessinger & Mayer

1906    Bradner, Smith & Co., C. M. Stiles, Dennison Maufacturing Co, Hart, Schnaffner & Marx, Medical Aid, Santa Fe

1907    Unknown

1910-1912 Unknown

1913    Chicago Telephone Co., Commonwealth Edison, Fuller & Fuller & Co, Illinois Steel Co, Kellogg Switchboard, People Gas, Light & Coke Co, Swift & Co. Western Electric Co.

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