Cherry League is an Independent League that was based in Wisconsin

1925 - Algoma, Bailey's Harbor, Forestville, Kewaunee, Sturgeon Bay

1927 - Algoma, Forestville, Kewaunee, Rio Creek, Sturgeon Bay

1928 - Bailey's Harbor and West Kewaunee entered the league; Forestville left the league.

1932 - Bailey's Harbor, Egg Harbor, Forestville, Institue, Jacksonport, Johnson Oils, Sawyer.

1933 - Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay and Washington Island entered the league; Forestville, Institute and Johnson Oil left the league.

1953 -  Algoma, Kewaunee, Kolberg, Little Sturgeon, Luxemburg, Maplewood, Sturgeon Bay.

1954 -  Casco and Sawyer enter the League and Kewaunee left the League

1955 -  Kewaunee entered the league; Luxemburg left the league.

NOTE 1 - BOLD means unknown Location

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