Champaign Valley League was an Independent League that was based in New York

1936 - Au Sable Forks, Chateaugay, Plattsburgh, Lafayettes, Plattsburgh Texaco, Plattsburgh 26th Infantry, Willsboro

1946 - Au Sable Forks, Dannemora, Lake Placid, Lyon Mountain, Morrisonville, Plattsburgh A. L., Rouse Point, Saranac

1947 - Plattsburgh V.F.W. entered the league; Saranac left the league.

1948 - Peru, Saranac, and Saranac Lake entered the league; Dannemora, Plattsburgh A.L. and Rouse Point left the league.

1949 - Rouse Point entered the league; Peru has left the league.

1950 - Plattsburgh E.S. Mason entered the league; Saranac left the league.

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