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Two leagues with the same name just different texting.

The Central Interstate League operated in 1888.

The Central Inter-State League operated in 1889.

Central Interstate (1888)

Central' 'Inter-State' (1889)

Bloomington, IL: 1888

Burlington, IA: 1889

Crawfordsville/Terre Haute, IN: 1888

Danville, IL: 1888

Davenport, IA: 1888-89

Davenport/Monmouth, IA/IL: 1889

Decatur/Lafayette, IL/IN: 1888

Dubuque, IA: 1888

Evansville, IN: 1888

Peoria, IL: 1888-89

Quincy, IL: 1889

Rockford, IL: 1888

Springfield, IL: 1889

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