Central Baseball League was an unclassified baseball league that played from 1887 to 1889, 1897 and 1900.

1887    Allenton, PA, Binghamton NY, Easton PA, Elmira NY, Newark NJ, Reading Pa, Scranton Pa, and Wilkes-Barre Pa started this league.

1888    Jersey City, NJ entered the league; Newark and Reading left the league. During the season, the Binghamton franchise moved to Hazleton, PA.

1889    Binghamton NY entered the league; Scranton left the league.

1897    Cairo IL, Evansville IN, Nashville In, Paducah Ky, Terre Haute In and Washington In started this league. During the season, the Nashville franchise moved to Washington IN.

1900    Bloomington IL, Danville IL, Decatur IL, Peoria IL, Springfield IL and Terre Haute IN . During the season, the Springfield franchise moved to Jacksonville IL.

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