Catawba Textile League was an Independent League that was based in South Carolina.


1930     Chester Baldwin, Fort Mills Aragon, Great Falls and Winnsboro Started this league

1931     Lancaster and York enter the league .

1932     Rock Hill and Woodruff enter the league and York left the league.

1933     Chester Eureka enter the league and Great Falls, Rock Hill and Woodruff left the league.

1934     Great Falls enter the League.

1937     Chester, Great Falls, Hermitage, Lancster, Rock Hill and Winnsboro has started the league.

1938     Green Falls enter the league and Great falls Hermitage and Winnsboro has left the league.

1940     Eureka, Fort Mills, Lancaster and Lando has started the league

1942    Chester, Gayle, Great Falls and Lancaster has started the league

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