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Cape Girardeau Municipal League, also called Muny League, was an Independent League that was based in Cape Girardeau, Mo

1926     Aces, Farmers, Red Sox, Red Stars, Teachers, White Sox

1927     Collegiates, Franklins, Internationals and Marquettes enter the league and Red Sox, Red Stars, Teachers, and White Sox left the league

1928      Red Stars and Shells enter the league and Aces and Collegiates left the league.

1929      Unknown if played

1930      Guardsmen, Marquettes, Shells, Teachers,

1931      Otters enter the League

1932      College and Internationals enter the league and Marquettes, otters and Shells left the league

1933      Cities Service, Crescents, Johnstons, Teachers

1934      Marquette and 75 Club enter the League and Johnstons and Teachers has left the league

1935      Moons enter the League and Cities Services has left the league.

1936 to 1940 Unknown if played

1941     Cut Rate, ISCO, Johnstons, Standard

1942 to 1945 Unknown if played

1946     Conoco, Johnstons, Junior Chamber, Kiwanis

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