Calgary City League was an Independent or an Senior League that was based in Calgary, Ab

1903   Bankers, City, C.P.R., Fire Brigade

1904   Not Sure if this League played

1905   Hotel Stars, Victorias, Wholesales, Young Meal's Club

1906   Not Sure if this League played

1907   Not Sure if this League played

1908   St Marys, Young Liberals, Young Mens Club, YMCA

1909 - 1912   Not Sure if this League played

1913   Athletics, Knights of Columbia, White Sox, YMCA

1914   Athletics, Hustler, Knights of Columbia, Vics,  YMCA

1915   Athletics, Cubs , Hustlers, Iroquois

1923   Hustlers, Riverside, YMCA

1924   Athletics, Hustlers, Riverside

1925 - Athletics, Hustlers, White Sox

1926 - Athletics, Hustlers, White Sox

1927 - 1934   Not Sure if this League played

1935   Athletics, Bronks, Pirates

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