Cache Valley League was an Independent League

1914   Cache Junction Ut, Hyde Park  Id, Lewiston Id, Logan Ut, Mendon Ut, Preston Id, Richmond Ut, Smithfield Ut,  Wellsville, Ut

1919   Lewiston Ut, Logan Ut, Preston, Id, Richmond, Ut, Smithfield Ut, Wellsville, UT

1920   No Teams enter the league or left the league.

1921   unknown if this league played

1922   unknown if this league played

1923   Clarkston Ut, Lewiston Ut, Logan Ut, Preston Id, Smithfield, Ut Wellsville, UT

1926   Cornish Ut, Franklin Id, Lewiston Ut, Preston Id, Richmond Id, Weston Id

1927   Preston Id enter the League and Corrnish has left the league

1928   Cache Junction Ut, Clarkston Ut, and Logan Ut enter the league and Preston left the league

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