Boundary League was an Independent League that was based in Alberta

1931 -  Aetna, Owendale, Taylorville, Woolford

1932 - Unknown if played

1933 - Unknown if played

1934 - Del Bonita, Jefferson, Kimball, Taylorville, Whiskey Gap, Woolford

1935 - No teams enter or left the league

1936 - Pershing enter the league and Whiskey Gap has left the League

1937 - Rinard enter the league

1938 - Pershing has left the league

1939 - No teams enter or left the league

1940 - No teams enter or left the league

1941   Kimball and Taylorville has left the league

1946   Del Bonita, Jefferson, Kimball, Rinard, Spring Coulee, Taylorville, Twin Rivers, Woolford

1947   No teams enter or left the league

1948   Unknown if played

1949   Unknown if played

1950   Combines, Del Bonita, Rinard, Spring Coulee, Woolford

BOLD means unknown Location

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