Border League was an Indpendent or Senior League

1908   Ambrose ND, Bienfiat Sk, Estevan Sk, and Noonan ND

1909 to 1921   Not sure if this league played

1922   Amulet Sk, Ceylon Sk,  Khedive Sk, Omega Sk, Panagan Sk and Radville, Sk

1923 to 1929   Not sure if this league played

1930   Bowbells ND, Columbus, ND, Crosby, ND, Estevan Sk, Kenmare ND, Noonan ND and Wildrose ND

1931   Arcola SK and Portal ND enter the League amd Bowbells, Crosby and Noonan Left the League

1932   Bowbells ND and Crosby ND enter the League.

1933   Arcola Sk, Bienfait Sk, Bowbells ND, Columbus ND, Estevan Sk, Portal ND

1934   Denzil Sk, Hayter Ab, Provost Ab, Senlac Sk

1935   Not sure if this league played

1936   Ambrose, ND, Benson Sk, Bienfait Sk, Bromhead Sk, Crosby ND, Estevan Sk, Northgate ND, Portal Sk, Weyburn Sk

1937   Battleview ND, Columbus ND, Estevan SK, Kermit ND, McGregor ND, Noonan ND

1938   Battleview ND, Bowbells ND, Bienfait, SK, Columbus ND, Crosby, ND, Estevan Sk, McCregor ND, Noonan ND

1939   Bowbells ND, Bromhead ND, Columbus ND, Crosby ND, Estevan SK, Lignite ND, McGregor ND,    Noonan ND, Weyburn Sk,

1946   Bienfait Sk, Bowbells ND, Columbus ND, Crosby ND, Estevan Sk, Flaxton ND, Lampman, Sk, Lignite ND, and Portal ND

1947   Alkabo ND, Ambrose ND, Corinth ND, Long Lake ND/Sk and Wildrose ND enter the League and Bienfait, Bowbells and Lampman left the league

1948   Bowbells ND and Noonan ND enter the league and Alkabo, Corinth, Flaxton, Long Creek and Wildrose has left the league.

1949   No teams enter or left the league.

Note 1 - Long Creek can not be found in either North Dakota or Saskatchewan.

Note 2 - If any one has any new Information please add it to this page and let me know at

Note 3 - The Border League of 1934 could be, but not sure, called Meridan League

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