Baseball Challenge League
Sport Baseball
Founded 2007
No. of teams 6
Country Template:JPN
Current champions Ishikawa Million Stars

The Baseball Challenge League (ベースボール・チャレンジ・リーグ Bēsubōru Charenji Rīgu?) is a baseball league in Japan. The abbreviated designation "BC League (BCリーグ?)."


Division Team Founded City
Jōshin'etsu Niigata Albirex Baseball Club 2007 Niigata Prefecture
Shinano Grandserows 2007 Nagano Prefecture
Gunma Diamond Pegasus 2008 Gunma Prefecture
Hokuriku Toyama Thunderbirds 2007 Toyama Prefecture
Ishikawa Million Stars 2007 Ishikawa Prefecture
Fukui Miracle Elephants 2008 Fukui Prefecture

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