Rule or Term Baseball International Baseball
Pitch Count There is no pitch count limit A pitcher can not pitch more than 100 pitches in a game
Game ends in a Tie The game can not end in a tie The game ends in a tie after thirteen(13) innings
Innings Pitched The pitcher can pitch as many innings as his team wants him to pitch The pitcher can only pitch up to seven (7) innings
intentional walk The intentional walk is allowed The intentional walk is not allowed
Batter Out on foul ball on a bunt The batter is out if the batter bunts with two strikes & fouls the ball off. The batter is only out if the catcher catches the ball when the batter bunts the ball foul.
Designated Hitter The Designated hitter is only used in the American League. There is no Designated hitter in international Baseball except for Baseball in Japan

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