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The Arizona League is a Rookie Class minor league which began operation in 1988 and is still functioning

'Arizona' (Rookie 1988+)

“Arizona”: 1996-2000, 2011+

Boston/Seattle: 1988

“California”: 1989-96

ChicagoA: 1997, 2000-02

ChicagoN: 1997+

Cincinnati: 2010+

“Colorado”: 1993-2000

Kansas City: 2003+

Los Angeles(A): 2001+

Los Angeles(N): 2009+

“Mexican All-Stars”: 1998

Milwaukee: 1988-95, 2001+

Montreal: 1991

Oakland: 1988+

St Louis: 1988-94

San Diego: 1988-2000, 2004+

San Francisco: 1991-94, 2000+

Seattle: 1989+

'Texas': 2003+

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