Allison Hill League was an Independent League that was Based in Harrisburg, Pa

1915     Albions, Eagles, Galahad, Hick-a-Thrifts, Iner-Seal, Reading

1916     Galahad, Reading Rosewood, Stanley

1917     No teams enter or league the League.

1918     Hick a Thrift enter the League and Stanley has left the league.

1919     St Mary's enter the league and Hick a Thrift left the league.

1920     Galahad, Reading, Rosewood, Shoe Co,

1921     Speese and Shoemen enter the league and Galahads and Shoe Co has left the League

1922     Royal Gym and Motive Power enter the league and Speese and Shoemen has left the League

1923     Buick, Lutheran, Rosewood, Shoe Co

1924     Red Dragons enter the league and SHoe Co has left the League

1925     Engine House, Harrisburg, Hill A.C. Russ Bros