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Alberta Southern League is an Independent League based in Alberta.

1912  Cardston, Magrath, Raymond, Warner

1922  Barons, Champion, Stavely, Vulcan

1923  Claresholm, Nanton, Stavely, Vulcan

1924, Claresholm, Ft Macleod, Nanton, Stavely, Vulcan

1925  Champion enter the league and Claresholm and Fort Macleod left the league.

1926  Blackie, Champion, High River, Nanton, Red Cross, Stavely

1927  Calgary Athletics, Calgary Hustlers, East Calgary (Based in Calgary), Claresholm, High River and Stavely

1928  Blackie enter the League and East Calgary left the league.

1929  Nanton enter the league and Blackie, Calgary Athletics and Calgary Hustlers has left the league

1935  Cardston, Lethbridge, Magrath, Raymond

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