Albany Twilight League was an Independent League that was based in Albany, NY.

1932 - Christian Brothers Academy Alumni, Hext Stars, Knights of Columbus, Ridgefields

1933 - Colonia A.C., Colonials, Hext Stars, Iroquois, Knights of Columbus, Peacocks, Polish Eagles, Sagamores, Schuylers, Sons of Italy

1934 - Unknown if this league played

1935 - Unknown if this league played

1936 - Unknown if this league played

1937 - Black Box, Centrals Durity, Galloglys, King of St John, McEnaneys, Packers, Trading Posts

1938 - Gloeckners and Ports enter this League and Black Box, Galloglys, King of St John and Trading Posts left the league

1939 - Anilines, Duftys, Rappazzo, Reviews, Sandys, Ukrainians

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