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A photo of Ace.

Ace is the official mascot of the Toronto Blue Jays.

He, along with his female counterpart, "Diamond" replaced former mascot BJ Birdie before the 2002 season as a mascot duo. Like his predecessor, Ace resembles a large Blue Jay. The mascot's name is baseball slang for a team's top starting pitcher (the "ace" of the staff, such as former Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay).

In 2004, Ace became the sole mascot of the team after Diamond was removed by the Blue Jays prior to the start of the season.



Toronto Blue Jays mascot Ace Standoff01:07

Toronto Blue Jays mascot Ace Standoff

Toronto Blue Jays mascot Ace Opening Day 2007 Entrance video01:15

Toronto Blue Jays mascot Ace Opening Day 2007 Entrance video

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