In the 1924 World Series, the Washington Senators beat the New York Giants in seven games. Though the Senators (interchangeably called the Nationals in those days) would reach the World Series twice more during their time in Washington (1925 and 1933), their next World Series victory would not come until 1987, after more than half a century and a relocation from Washington to become the Minnesota Twins.

The Giants became the first team to play in four consecutive World Series, winning in 1921–1922 and losing in 1923–1924. Their long-time manager, John McGraw, made his ninth and final World Series appearance.

Walter Johnson, after pitching his first 20-victory season (23) since 1919, was making his first World Series appearance, at the age of 36, while nearing the end of his storied career with the Senators. He lost his two starts, but the Nats battled back to force a Game 7, giving Johnson a chance to redeem himself when he came on in relief in that game. Johnson held on to get the win and give Washington its first and only championship. The seventh game is widely considered to be one of the most dramatic games in Series history.

Johnson struck out twelve Giants batters in Game 1 in a losing cause. Although that total matched Ed Walsh's number in the 1906 World Series, it came in twelve innings. Johnson only struck out nine in the first nine innings.

In Game 7, with the Senators behind 3–1 in the eighth, Bucky Harris hit a routine ground ball to third which hit a pebble and took a bad hop over Giants third baseman Fred Lindstrom. Two runners scored on the play, tying the score at three. Walter Johnson then came in to pitch the ninth, and held the Giants scoreless into extra innings. With the score still 3–3, Washington came up in the twelfth. With one out, and runners on first and second, Earl McNeely hit another grounder at Lindstrom, and again the ball took a bad hop, scoring Muddy Ruel with the Series-winning run.

This was the second extra-inning World Series-deciding game (1912) and the last before 1991. The winning team of the 1991 World Series was the very same franchise, by then known as the Minnesota Twins.


AL Washington Senators (4) vs. NL New York Giants (3)

1New York Giants – 4, Washington Senators – 3 (12 innings)October 4Griffith Stadium35,760[1]
2New York Giants – 3, Washington Senators – 4October 5Griffith Stadium35,922[2]
3Washington Senators – 4, New York Giants – 6October 6Polo Grounds (IV)47,608[3]
4Washington Senators – 7, New York Giants – 4October 7Polo Grounds (IV)49,243[4]
5Washington Senators – 2, New York Giants – 6October 8Polo Grounds (IV)49,271[5]
6New York Giants – 1, Washington Senators – 2October 9Griffith Stadium34,254[6]
7New York Giants – 3, Washington Senators – 4 (12 innings)October 10Griffith Stadium31,667[7]


Game 1Edit

Saturday, October 4, 1924 at Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C.

Team 123456789101112RHE
New York 010100000002 4 141
Washington 000001001001 3 101
WP: Art Nehf (1–0)  LP: Walter Johnson (0–1)  
HRs:  NYG – High Pockets Kelly (1), Bill Terry (1)

Game 2Edit

Sunday, October 5, 1924 at Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C.

Team 123456789RHE
New York 000000102 3 60
Washington 200010001 4 61
WP: Tom Zachary (1–0)  LP: Jack Bentley (0–1)  SV: Firpo Marberry (1)  
HRs:  WAS – Goose Goslin (1), Bucky Harris (1)

Game 3Edit

Monday, October 6, 1924 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
Washington 000200011 4 92
New York 02110101X 6 120
WP: Hugh McQuillan (1–0)  LP: Firpo Marberry (0–1)  SV: Mule Watson (1)  
HRs:  NYG – Rosy Ryan (1)

Game 4Edit

Tuesday, October 7, 1924 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
Washington 003020020 7 133
New York 100001011 4 61
WP: George Mogridge (1–0)  LP: Virgil Barnes (0–1)  SV: Firpo Marberry (2)  
HRs:  WAS – Goose Goslin (2)

Game 5Edit

Wednesday, October 8, 1924 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
Washington 000100010 2 91
New York 00102003X 6 130
WP: Jack Bentley (1–1)  LP: Walter Johnson (0–2)  SV: Hugh McQuillan (1)  
HRs:  WAS – Goose Goslin (3)  NYG – Jack Bentley (1)

Game 6Edit

Thursday, October 9, 1924 at Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C.

Team 123456789RHE
New York 100000000 1 71
Washington 00002000X 2 40
WP: Tom Zachary (2–0)  LP: Art Nehf (1–1)  

Game 7Edit

Friday, October 10, 1924 at Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C.

Team 123456789101112RHE
New York 000003000000 3 83
Washington 000100020001 4 104
WP: Walter Johnson (1–2)  LP: Jack Bentley (1–2)  
HRs:  WAS – Bucky Harris (2)

Composite boxEdit

1924 World Series (4–3): Washington Senators (A.L.) over New York Giants (N.L.)

Team 123456789101112RHE
Washington Senators 203451063002 26 6112
New York Giants 232225153002 27 666

<tr><td style="text-align:left;" colspan="16">Total attendance: 283,725   Average attendance: 40,532</td></tr> <tr><td style="text-align:left;" colspan="16">Winning player’s share: $5,960   Losing player’s share: $3,820[8]</td></tr>



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