1875-On May 3 the Hartford Blue Ducks got caught using an illegal bat causing them to automatically loose the game vs the Dark Blues. On May 5 the Washington Nationals give up 20 or more runs for the 5th straight game. On May 11 the St.Louis Red Stockings loose to the Chicago White Stockings1-0 in the lowest scoring game ever. On May 21 only ten days after it happened for the first time, NA sees it's second 1-0 game as Candy Cummings of the Hartford Duck Blues outduels Bobby Matthews of the New York Mutuals. On May 22, Pud Galvin makes his debut for the St.Louis Brown Stockings. Galvin will only pitch 8 years for St.Louis and then not be seen again until 1879. On June 11 Geore Hall who will finish second in the league with 4, homers in consecutive at bats. On July 20 Harry Wright learns that Al Spalding,Deacon White, and Cal McVey

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